Creative Destruction Game

  • Developer: NetEase
  • Genre: Action games
  • Version: 2.0.4601
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Official information

Release Date June 20, 2018
Developer NetEase
Publisher NetEase
Genre Action games
Language English, Russian, French, Italian, German, Span
System Windows PC, iOS, Android
Version 2.0.4601


Creative Destruction Review: Fascinating Cooperative Shooter With the Royal Battle

Creative Destruction is a cooperative shooter for mobile platforms and Windows computers. In 2017 developers from the team of NetEase Games released the first version of the game for mobile devices on iOS and Android. After a while, the Creative Destruction game was available for gaming consoles Switch and computers. 


You can download Creative Destruction for free. Install the Creative Destruction on your device to access the basic model of the king's battle. But keep in mind that there are in-game payments, for you to buy equipment and weapons.

Learn More About the Game

The Creative Destruction for PC and mobile devices is almost identical. The gameplay is very similar to the popular Fortnite shooter. Pay attention to similar cartoon graphics, character style, and weapons. The Creative Destruction gameplay means the battle of the main character in a large location. You can only play Creative Destruction online without a single mode. 


After starting the game, the main character gets on a large map with his opponents. After a while, the location’s available size decreases, so gamers have to get closer to each other and fight for resources and territory. In Creative Destruction online, there are several interesting locations. Play Creative Destruction to appreciate the variety of levels and weapons. It is sure to please all fans of cooperative shooters and the regime of royal battle.

System Requirements

You can download Creative Destruction for PC, Android, iOS, and Switch. You do not need a very powerful device to comfortably play on Creative Destruction . If you want to download Creative Destruction on your PC, you will need a computer with an Intel Core I3 processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. For a more stable and productive game, you will need to download a Creative Destruction PC to a computer with an Intel Core i5 processor and 6 gigabytes of RAM with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. 


You can free download  Creative Destruction in any country. The menu and game interface is multi-language. At the moment, you can start a Creative Destruction free download from Steam with in English voice. Perhaps in the future, there will be versions in other languages. 


An exciting game that you can play both on your phone and on your computer.


  • Inconvenient controls


  • Play on your phone
  • Short sessions
  • Good Graphics





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